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Most companies don’t have a written business plan which research show limits their success

Posted: 11/06/19 by ProfitPlus

Most companies don’t have a written business plan which research show limits their success

Did you know only 3% of business owners in the UK have a written plan and even fewer stick to it… how can a business grow effectively or even be successful without plans, goals, milestones and reviews to ensure an effective strategy?

ProfitPlus, a sister company to ActionCOACH the UK’s largest business coaching organisation, provides the ultimate five year business plan created through a two day business plan workshop with the business owner’s themselves ensuring the plans are well thought through, reflect the wishes and ambitions of the owner, and are comprehensive and detailed enough to be fantastically useful to help ensure growth and success.

In the VIP workshops, which are conducted with like minded owners for cross fertilisation of ideas, business owners get first-hand insights into how to more effectively take CONTROL of their business, PLAN its direction, and BUILD toward a more positive future for them and their business.

In the workshop, owners gain laser-sharp clarity in the first stage of building a business that works without them. A business with predictive revenue, cash flow, and profits. A business which grows their wealth and lifestyle options.

They leave the two day workshop with a live business plan, focused direction, predictive financial growth, and powerful insights into what drives the success of their business. Over time they can make changes to the live information and reproduce their plan at the touch of a button. ProfitPlus also provide ongoing support and services including cashflow, find the money and financial control programmes.

ProfitPlus have helped create hundreds of business plans, a few weeks ago in May a customer presented their ProfitPlus plan to Barclays Bank. The Barclays adviser was so impressed they called the plan ‘outstanding’ and the best business plan they had ever seen. For more information visit

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