More help from the Chamber:

Chamber Experts provide Export clinics, visit schedules, account management to assess key exporter skills before referral to D.I.T. or International Business Network or further training. Website and Social Media feeds

Chamber experts assess customer needs and refer to finance institutions and UKEF where intensive assistance is needed, Website and Social Media feeds –
Chamber FX also on offer.

Chamber experts provide B2B and B2C advice on Logistics, Customs Duty, Vat and Tax issues, Import regulations overseas. Regular Information feeds
on website and social media channels

Using Export Britain International UK Business Contacts and D.I.T. to assist exporters access foreign markets

Regular joint branded events with Enterprise Partnerships, D.I.T. and Chamber. Presenting at events, Regular referrals to UKTI with quarterly follow up meetings. Consistent contact with intermediaries such as Banks and Logistics providers.

We work closely with D.I.T. on all of the above to ensure the best possible service for our customers.

You can view our price list here. If you’d like to know more about how the Milton Keynes Chamber’s International Trade Team can help you and your business give us a call on 01908 733082.

Certification Services

Northamptonshire Chamber operate TWO versions of an online application service for European Community and Arab Certificates of Origin and Movement Certificates (preference certificates) EUR1 and ATRs. We like to give our exporters a choice of electronic system.

  • Online application

  • Scanned signature facility

  • Fast service

  • A clear and professionally produced document

  • Facility to build your own database of customers

  • Free training

To find out more email: alternatively, call us on 01908 733082.

e-Cert eXpress

e-Cert eXpress is the Certificate of Origin for MEMBERS who want submit and to receive their certificate electronically, saving valuable time. The process is simple and easy to use. The certificate is stamped officially with an electronic stamp and is received at the exporters’ premises ready for printing.

Tradecert EXPRESS documents FOR members and non members – simple easy to use, apply electronically, receive your documents back electronically. EC/ARAB/HM CUSTOMS EUR1/ATR.

Certification Services

The Northamptonshire Chamber is an issuing authority authorised by His Majesty’s Government under UK Regulation No.2454/93 for granting or certifying officially prescribed Certificates of Origin, which operates in this regard under the guidance and conditions of the Association of British Chambers of Commerce. The UK Certificate of Origin came into use on 1st January 1973 and is the official form used by exporters when the importers requires or whenever the commercial transaction or customs regulations so require.

Before the Chamber can undertake this work for any company, certain formalities must be completed in compliance with Standard Rules for Certificates of Origin and the following information must be lodged at the Chamber office. A Formal Undertaking which we supply, must be completed and signed by either a Director, Company Secretary or Partner, Proprietor or person duly authorised to act on behalf of the Company. A complete list of all company signatories authorised to sign documents on behalf of the company. It is not in order to authorise oneself to sign unless of course, you are the sole trader proprietor. It is also advisable to have more than one person to sign documents in the case of sickness or holidays.

  • How to complete the form correctly

  • Standard Rules

  • Formal Undertaking

  • EC Requirements Form

  • Backup Indemnity Letter

  • Indemnity for European Community

  • Export Documentation price list 2022

UK Certificate of Origin Forms are held by the Northamptonshire Chamber and can be purchased by contacting the International Trade Team.

On-line application for UK Certificates of Origin is available Please contact the International Trade Team for full details at

Certification fees are significantly cheaper for members than for non members. Please contact Membership for more details.

Arab-British Certificate of Origin

The Chamber’s Export Documentation service is an important asset to Arab-British trade. With our valuable links to the Arab British Chamber of Commerce, we are ideally positioned to assist exporters entering the substantial and sophisticated Arab market, encompassing all your certification and legalisation needs.

Related documents:

  • How to complete

  • Arab-British Requirements Form

  • Arab League Countries

  • Letter of Indemnity for Manufacturer’s Details

It is essential, when exporting to the Arab world, to present the correct documentation. Errors are very expensive, leading to costly delays in payment and in clearing the goods, and even leading to non-payment.

The member governments of the League of Arab States have entrusted the Arab-British Chamber of Commerce with the task of standardising and co-ordinating the preparation and submission of commercial documents, for the export of goods from the U.K. to member states of the Arab League.

The Arab-British Certificate of Origin conforms to international regulations and is accepted by all governments concerned.

Northamptonshire Chamber acts as one of our Agents Chambers. The main duty of our Agent Chambers is to verify documents prior to certification by the Arab- British Chamber.

Arab-British Certificates of Origin Forms are held by the Northamptonshire Chamber and can be purchased by contacting the International Trade Team.

On-line application for Arab-British Certificate of Origin is available through our eCert/aCert website Please contact the International Trade Team for full details.

Cost of certification/ legalisation varies considerably from country to country therefore it is wise to discuss your requirements and obtain a quotation from the International Trade Team.

Members can make savings on export documentation. Please contact Membership for more details.

UK EUR1 Form (Movement Certificate)

The UK EUR1 form entitles originating United Kingdom or European Union goods to reduced import duties (Preference). The form is used for export and import purposes.

Northamptonshire Chamber are now issuing and authenticating UK EUR1 forms on behalf of HM Revenue & Customs. Contact our Membership Team to ask about member benefits for your company.

For a complete list of countries by individual names and group or territory see Customs tariff Volume 1 Part 7 which lists the country/ country code / preferential or other arrangement.

If you have a particular concern or query about this or any other international trade problem. Ring our export team 01604 490490 or email

Download the Export Documentation price list April 2023

Northamptonshire Business Awards Finalist Announcement!

The Northamptonshire Business Awards recognise and celebrate the very best in Northamptonshire business.

These prestigious awards are open to all businesses across the region and are presented to businesses that have clearly demonstrated all-round business excellence in a range of areas.

Join us on Thursday 7th September where we will be announcing this year’s finalists at the Northamptonshire Business Exhibition.

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