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Rachel Collar

Founder | Consultant HR Director

Haus of HR

The home of HR for SMEs and Start-Ups

Haus of HR, a multi award winning HR consultancy specialising in providing best in class people solutions for SMEs and Start-Up businesses, empowering them to attract and retain exceptional talent. Our expertise lies in establishing strong HR foundations, paving the way for growth and prosperity through the power of people!

At Haus of HR, we pride ourselves on crafting tailored talent retention strategies that focus on enhancing employee wellbeing, fostering development, and promoting engagement. By implementing our bespoke programmes, businesses experience a remarkable decrease in employee turnover and absenteeism, while simultaneously witnessing a significant boost in productivity and profitability.

As a trusted HR partner, we are committed to ensuring that businesses deliver an enviable employee experience, positioning themselves as employers of choice. Our comprehensive services guarantee that organisations prioritise their workforce, creating a harmonious environment where employees thrive and excel.

Let us unlock the potential within your organisation. Together, we will transform your business into a thriving hub of success, powered by a motivated and dedicated team.

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