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Getting on the property ladder, Needs some help with finances after COVID?....Take a look here

Posted: 21/04/21 by Barclays

Do you want any support for you, a friend, an employee, a family member with any of these life moments?

Building your credit score?
Getting on the property ladder?
Protecting your home and your loved ones…

Please email me or message me on here to book you on! These are ALL VIRTUAL

Ready to buy first home - 28th April 10am

Ready to buy first home - 5th May 3PM

Overcoming COVD and how affected your finances - 6th May 11am

Being on top of finances - 11th May 4pm

Ready to buy your first home - 13th May 6PM

Overcoming COVD - 22nd May 11am

Protect a House You made a home - 25th May 10am

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