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Change in the law sees barristers taking on cases direct from businesses

Posted: 06/02/14 by MJE Legal Services Ltd

A legal ruling which allows barristers or advocates ‘Direct Access’ to businesses and individuals is being highlighted by a new law service in Milton Keynes.

Michael J Edwards, managing director of MJE Legal Services in Milton Keynes, says the change in the law allows legal professionals, who are often associated with the crown courts and higher up the legal system, to take on cases direct from clients.

He said: “This means barristers or advocates will be able to take on cases from inception through to fruition without the need of a solicitor, thus saving clients the cost of paying two professional fees.

“MJE Legal Services Ltd is on hand to assist and guide business clients and the general public who require ‘specialist’ legal advice, by putting them in direct contact with one of the broad panel of barristers we have access to.”

He said as trade between companies continues to increase across the globe, the need to protect the intellectual property (IP) rights to their product or service has become paramount.

MJE Legal Services Ltd can provide a direct introduction to a specialist Intellectual Property barrister who can advise clients on the best way forward prior to exporting a product or service regardless of whether the company is based in the UK or abroad.

Michael has a career in the legal profession spanning more than 20 years.

He said: “Should a barrister take on a client’s case, then MJE Legal Services Ltd has the infrastructure in place to help both the client and their barrister in navigating the confusing, complex and sometimes mundane issuing of applications, winding-up petitions etc and attendance at court hearings before Judges, Masters and District Judges as well as aiding clients (if required) in compiling court bundles and instructions - the job normally undertaken by a solicitor.”

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