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Woburn Safari Park

Woburn Safari Park - Exciting corporate opportunities

Posted: 15/12/14 by Woburn Safari Park

Have you ever considered aligning your brand with an Elephant, Tiger or Rhino? Fancy having Woburn Safari Park opened just for you, your staff and perhaps your clients too? Maybe you’d like VIP access or a ‘behind the scenes’ experience for your top clients or team? Woburn is now offering companies the chance to partner with us on an array of exciting, unique and truly original opportunities. From private events, team building, sunset safaris or brand sponsorship of our Elephants, Lions, Tigers, Rhinos, Zebras and Camel houses, we offer a whole host of ideas for a truly memorable exciting event which can even deliver on your CSR commitments. Please call or email me for further details but be quick before your choice is gone!

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