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Think before you drink

Posted: 07/12/17 by Blue Spear Cars Ltd

December is again here and we look to all the social events, parties, and festive cheer that lay ahead for the coming weeks.

However, as per figures published by the government website it more important now to think about how you are going to ensure you have a safe and have a fun Christmas and New Year.

  • 62% of drink drivers killed on our roads are young men
  • a fifth of young men admit to driving after having 2 or more drinks
  • second drink doubles chances of fatal collision

Road safety minister Andrew Jones said in 2016: “Drink driving destroys families and ruins lives, yet some reckless drivers continue to take the risk and get behind the wheel after drinking – particularly young men who account for almost two thirds of drink drivers killed on our roads.

“We have some of the safest roads in the world and deaths from drink driving have fallen significantly over the last 30 years, but it is still responsible for the deaths of 5 people every week. This Christmas we are specifically targeting the biggest perpetrators of this devastating crime – young men, but our message to everyone remains the same: don’t drink and drive.”#

It is wise when reading the above statistics to ensure part of your festive plans include pre-booking your travel. At Blue Spear Cars we can ensure that you arrive home safe and secure to your loved ones and it will also ensure your licence is never in jeopardy.

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