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As an SME, it can be cheaper and more effective to take on finance from a variety of sources!

Posted: 08/01/19 by Business Finance Services Ltd

It is important for SMEs to understand that sourcing business finance does not always lead to a single lender solution.

Indeed it is often the case that taking finance from a variety of sources can be a cheaper and more effective alternative. Business Finance Services (BFS) have had many instances where they have been approached by a client seeking a significant amount of finance, but with no idea as to who would provide the best solution.

When they looked into it, BFS have realised that the best solution will come from a combination of asset (re-) finance and/or invoice finance, plus maybe a commercial loan to make up the balance. The clever bit is to know who the lenders are and what they offer. That’s where BFS come in. With their team, who have many years of experience, they can save you time, money and often heartache by finding you the best solution quickly and simply.

If you would like to find out more about what sources of finance may suit you and your business, please do get in touch with Business Finance Services on

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