Advanced Excel

The purpose of the course

Excel is a multi functional tool that can aid in a number of business functions. It is useful for creating databases of customers and suppliers or can be used for financial reporting. Excel contains some very powerful and complex features and this course gives ample opportunity to explore some of these.

Benefits for your organisation

Users will be able to get to grips with the most useful features of this powerful program. They will be able to improve their productivity and maximise their time when producing complex spreadsheets. Users can master some of the complex Excel functions bringing users a new level to their ability to present, store and analyse data. The business benefits this can provide are wide ranging and can help improve overall business performance and customer satisfaction levels.

Who is this course for

Anyone who uses Excel regularly to produce a range of spreadsheets and who has a good knowledge of the topics covered on the intermediate level course will benefit from attending this course. This course is designed for experienced and confident users of the program. It is therefore important that participants are at the appropriate level to ensure a good learning experience.

Topics covered

  • Advanced charts and graphs
  • Creating user styles for charts
  • Changing the default
  • Working with financial, database and informational functions
  • Creating data tables
  • Validating data input
  • Creating and using styles
  • Creating and using templates
  • Error handling and auditing features
  • Working with pivot tables
  • Using goal seek and solver
  • Using the scenario manager
  • Introduction to macros (this does not cover Visual Basic or VBA)

By the end of this course you will be able to

  • Create complex charts
  • Design their own user defaults for charts
  • Enter a range of financial, database and informational functions
  • Create data tables and validate their data input
  • Create consistent appearance throughout their work using styles
  • Create and use templates for speed and efficiency
  • Check for errors using Excel’s automated error handling and auditing features
  • Work efficiently with pivot tables
  • Use goal seek, solver and the scenario manager to create ‘what if’ scenarios
  • Start to automate their routine tasks through the use of the programs inbuilt macros
  • Practise using hints & tips

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