Credit Control & Recovering Debts

The Purpose of this Course

Sales figures can look great but the business must collect the cash effectively, otherwise we will face difficult times and even liquidation. This needs structured proactive actions and firm persuasion, backed by possible enforcement tactics; all of which must be seen as professional by our customers. Ultimately, we have to be paid; this training is essential to achieve payments whilst retaining our good customers who will expand their business with us.

Benefits for your organisation

This effective short course, led by an experienced business manager, shows how to operate an efficient credit control system. Delegates will understand the importance of good cash flow and how to collect outstanding monies. All whilst maintaining good relations with the customer to keep their continued custom.

Who is this course for?

Sales managers (internal and external), accounts collection executives, and owners of small businesses. All those who play a part in setting credit and collecting payments due from customers.

Topics Covered:

  • The need to manage the organisation’s cash flow properly
  • The start and finish of credit control
  • Applying proven credit control procedures; managing the slow payers
  • A progressive credit action programme to minimise time wasted collecting monies
  • Minimising the organisation’s exposure to potential bad debts and financial rogues
  • The legal background to terms of sale or trade
  • How best to use the telephone; when best to send out chasing letters
  • What should happen next when no payment is forth-coming?
  • When and how to escalate the action to top management and/or legal advisers

By the end of the course, delegates will be able to:

  • Increase credit control actions to reduce the sums outstanding to your organisation
  • Know how to make better and definite decisions on credit worthiness
  • Take away a sequence of texts for telephone scripts, emails, and follow-up letters
  • Tighten up any lengthening credit terms with long-standing customers
  • Stream-line the work needed to control the credit allowed and chase money
  • Improve the organisation’s cash flow

This course is delivered as a bespoke training session, call us on 01604 490470 or email for details






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