Video for Beginners

The purpose of this 1/2 day course:

With trends leaning towards video and all platforms algorithms putting video first, this is one of the most Powerful ways to communicate online. We will be therefore educating attendees how and why video needs to be part of your marketing mix. As well as practically showing them how easy it is to get started with as little a smartphone.

Benefits to an organisation:

This course will take you through all the reasons that video is now such an important part of your marketing mix. Not only that but why it performs so well online and attracts so much more attention than other mediums.

Who is the course for?

Small to medium business owners, marketing and sales teams.

Topics covered:

  • Why video works and how to get started
  • Why your smartphone is all you need
  • Syndicating your video content
  • Maximising your time spent creating videos with additional content
  • Enhancing your broadcasts, software and kit
  • Stats and examples and video creation on the day

By the end of the course delegates will be able to:

Be confident in using videos, know best practises in creation and syndication. How best to leverage video online to enhance their marketing. How to create and post a video from their business to a variety of platforms

This training is available as a bespoke group session, call the training team on 01604 490490 for details






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