Introduction to Access

The purpose of the course

Databases provide the foundation for lots of various business activities including marketing and the monitoring of business performance. It is imperative that databases are understood and used appropriately for these activities to be successful.

Benefits for your organisation

This course is ideally suited for those that need to gain a comprehensive introduction into the use of this extensive database program. An introduction is provided into the essential aspects of the database and what business should aim to get out of them.

Who is the course for ?

The course is suitable for those with little or no prior knowledge of Microsoft Access and focuses on the basics of creating databases including tables, forms, queries and reports with a basic introduction to database relationships.

Topics covered

  • Database concepts – A first look Microsoft Access, terminology and design concepts
  • Tables and Relationships – Create tables, enter data, edit data, table relationships and sorting/filtering data
  • Queries – query databases, select queries, query criteria and calculated fields
  • Forms and Reports – create friendly forms and reports, design concepts, altering appearances and printing

By the end of this course you will be able to

Create, edit and save tables, design simple forms and reports to be able to examine data in a database using a range of queries. This course will enable you to improve your level of reporting, queries, concepts and utilising data.

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