Intermediate Word

The Purpose of the course

Microsoft Word is the world’s most common word processing package. It is essential to be able to use it efficiently in the workplace to carry out even the basic of activities. This intermediate course builds on basic skills learn in the introductory course and will teach new and additional skills including the use of tables and how to perform mail merges.

Benefits for your organisation

This intermediate course deals with more sophisticated approaches to text layouts. Prepared templates and tables can improve office consistency and efficiency. Similarly, mail merge can produce hundreds of personalised letters in one simple operation, saving time, typing and money.

Who is this course for

The course is aimed at people who wish to expand on their basic Word knowledge to produce more sophisticated and professional looking documentation. It is also ideal for people who need to send out mail shots on a regular basis. Delegates should be familiar and conversant with the contents of the introductory course.

Topics covered

  • Tabs—using, setting and changing tabs
  • Tables—creating a table, selecting columns, changing columns widths and row height and merging and splitting cells
  • Additional table facilities—converting tables to text and text to tables, text direction, column/row distribution, sorting, splitting tables, simple calculations and repeating header rows on new pages
  • Bullets—customising bullets, restarting bullets, restarting bullets/numbering and using outline numbered points
  • Graphics—inserting graphics, the toolbar and moving, sizing and cropping graphics
  • Mail Merge—Mail merging, document types, creating data sources, entering data, saving data sources, creating master documents and completing a mail merge
  • Styles—Defining and applying styles
  • Other facilities—Columns, borders, shading, adding borders, headers, footers and inserting and updating page numbers

By the end of this course you will be able to

Design, edit and format tables, create styles and templates and perform successful mail merges. This course builds on the skills learnt in the introductory course helping you to become a more efficient and effective user of Microsoft Word.

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