Why get a Virtual Tour uploaded to Google Street View

One reason is because you want your business, museum, shop, gym, in fact any space to be more easily located on the web. In particular on Google Search and Maps. Secondly to showcase your business, whatever size, small or large.

They can enhance your Google search presence, boosting sales and enquiries.

Most of you will know that, Street View is a Google product. A virtual tour can be added to Street View, which integrates with Google Search, Maps and your Google My Business listing.

The average virtual tour receives over 170,000 views each year. If you take a look at the image you’ll see one of the tours I created in High Wycombe, and added to Street View back in May. It’s received over 43,000 views.

Google Street View offers a 360-degree view of your space. It’s also know as Business View.

Local search is competitive. A virtual tour helps send people your way, and anything that helps Google find you, can be a winning formula, right?

The boost it can provide can also push you above your competitors within the the local search results.

The tour also increases customer engagement. A study by Street View states that a business with photos or a tour is 41% more like to receive a visit, call or online booking.


Please get in touch for more information or to book a tour. I’m a Google Trusted Photographer. I’m verified by them to show the badge to prove that I’ve completed the Street View programme. I do not work for Google. The status allows me to help local businesses such yours get found on Search and Maps. I specialise is in VR technology and growing local businesses.

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