The Secret Weapon to Bagging a New Career

Not having much luck in your job search? Struggling to make your application stand out? How about we tell you one thing you can add to your CV that will improve your chances of being hired by 82%.

Something everyone can do – volunteer.

Giving your time to a good cause not only makes you feel good, but it makes the employer feel good about your application! The proof is in the pudding with 92% of hiring managers believing volunteering expands an employee’s professional skill set and therefore making them a more appealing candidate. In fact, 85% are willing to overlook flaws in an application when they include volunteering experience.

So other than increasing your chances of success in securing your dream job – what other benefits does volunteering have?

1) Gain valuable experience

Lacking experience? From management to public speaking and IT to customer service – don’t underestimate the real workplace experiences you can gain across a range of industries.

2) Learn new skills

Whether you want to build upon existing skills or learn something new, there are plenty of opportunities to do so volunteering. Don’t forget that volunteering also builds upon the most hireable skill – teamwork!

3) Figure out your career goals

Volunteering is a non-threatening and no pressure environment that allows you to figure out your next career move. Do you prefer working as part of a team or leading the team? Do you prefer being part of the action or putting it all together in the background?

4) Boosts your confidence

Increased knowledge. Refined skills. New friends. All key parts in boosting your confidence and making you more successful.

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