Nevermind the cold, get those running shoes on!

So the marathon is still a few months away and the weather is freezing. I totally understand that sometimes it can be a real struggle to pull on those running shoes but I promise you, you will be pleased you have on the big day. You want to enjoy the marathon – there’s a fantastic carnival atmosphere and it’s a celebration of all your hard work so now is the time to put in lots of effort to make the most of the experience on the day!

I was lucky enough to take part in the marathon last year and the memories of that day continue to inspire me. But if this is your first time preparing for the marathon I have one important piece of advice to help you keep going – make sure you come up with a wide variety of interesting routes to run!

There is nothing that is more likely to make your run feel like it is dragging than running the same route over and over again. Last year I discovered so many beautiful little villages for the first time because my running took me away from the main roads. On top of this my popularity increased no end as I’d return to my friends and family with tales of the latest brilliant pub I’d run past for the first time!

If you’re going somewhere local with your family think about setting off earlier than them so you have time to run to the venue. For example if we’re going to see my in-laws, who live 12 miles away from us, I’ll run there instead of going over in the car. I found this helped me a lot because at the weekends I really wanted to spend time with my lovely wife and daughters and by doing this I could spend time with them without missing any runs.

Make sure you have different lengths of routes too for those days when you might not have as much time to run as normal and for the days when you want to push yourself further.

Having different routes keeps your running interesting and helps you to stay motivated. If you’ve got any exciting routes maybe you’d like to share them?

I hope you really enjoy your running and I look forward to celebrating with you on the big day!

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