MK business community positive about new Chamber

As many of you will know by now, a new Milton Keynes Chamber of Commerce was launched last week.

The new Milton Keynes Chamber has no connection to the previous Milton Keynes & North Bucks Chamber, which closed its doors in February, and will be run by the same, experienced team behind the Northamptonshire Chamber, which was a finalist in the Chamber of Year category in the 2012 National Chamber Awards.

Milton Keynes Chamber officially launched on Monday 8 July and since then, I have been pleasantly surprised by the response from the Milton Keynes business community and press. In the last week, I have carried out five press interviews and watched as hits to our website – – and connections/likes/followers have grown on our LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter pages.

We have also welcomed far many more new member companies than we could have anticipated in the first week and I look forward to meeting and working with them.

Just to clarify, I will take on the role of Chief Executive of Milton Keynes Chamber and also carry on as Chief Executive of Northamptonshire Chamber. The two Chambers, although run by the same team, will be operated as two completely separate Chambers from two different offices, each serving their local business communities.

I am hoping that through the two Chambers working closely together, the two business communities will also work more closely and benefit from being part of a bigger business community. We will arrange for members from both Chambers to meet up every now and again at different events and training courses, and our team’s knowledge of both areas and the businesses within them will also be an advantage to our members.

Setting up the new Milton Keynes Chamber has also created new jobs. In total we now have four vacancies, with two at the Milton Keynes office and two at the Northamptonshire office.

We will work with the Local Enterprise Partnerships (LEPs) and MPs in both areas and there will be some crossover. For example, SEMLEP covers both Milton Keynes and some areas of Northamptonshire. Through our links with the BCC, we also have connections to national and European Governments that members of both Chambers could benefit from.

The beauty of the new Milton Keynes Chamber being launched by Northamptonshire Chamber is that the new Chamber is in a really good position to foster a really strong network, which can work independently at a local level, or joined together as one large regional business community. Add to this our links with national and European Government, we can be a really powerful business force to be reckoned with.

For more information on Milton Keynes Chamber, visit or follow @ChamberMK on Twitter.

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