EasyWeb Group are rebranding

We have some big news from EasyWeb HQ today…

EasyWeb Group are rebranding, launching a new company name on Monday 17th February.


We can all agree that ‘web’ is a bit old school right? But not in a cool way.

In 2020, we don’t feel that our name reflects who we are.

So, we’re rebranding to more closely match what we do, who we are and our core values.

If you’re a fan of our free workshops and webinars, it’s great news! We’ll be doing lots more with updated content, as well as working to expand our range of free tools and guides.

We’re also not changing our core service offerings of ATS, advertising and agency – simply improving them.

So, that just leaves the matter of the new name… Follow EasyWeb Group on Linkedin and tune in on Monday to find out!

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