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Harry's Rainbow

Harrys Rainbow support children bereaved of a parent or sibling. Our vision is to provide bereaved children with the support they need today for a brighter tomorrow!

We provide support to children and young adults bereaved of a parent or sibling in Milton Keynes where it is estimated that 170 children are bereaved of a parent annually!. Our service is set up to facilitate contact between bereaved children and their families to offer advice, support groups, books, resources, trips, activities and short breaks as well as therapeutic mentoring, a youth group and young adults support group. The services enable families to understand their feelings, lessen the isolation and loneliness felt while grieving, build confidence and self-esteem and provide a safe space for shared experience.

Visit Harry's Rainbow website for more information.

Right Digital Solutions

Right Digital Solutions (RDS) specialise in delivering the right workplace technology for your digital workplace. We are a nationwide supplier of office equipment and software solutions that enable businesses to be more agile, more efficient, and more profitable in the modern world can design, tailor, and implement everything to optimise the modern workplace, whether that is a physical location, a virtual office or a hybrid working model.

Visit the Right Digital Solutions website for more information.

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