5 sales dashboards the experts use to boost revenue!

When we talk about busy jobs, being a sales rep must be in the top five. Salespeople are swamped with tasks: arranging meetings, making phone calls, preparing presentations, and closing sales.

On top of that – they need to reach their sales targets!

The benefits of using a sales dashboard
Sales dashboards are precise and unbiased indicators that tell you how you are performing on a day-to-day basis.

Here are 4 reasons why we think you’ll want to use dashboards as part of your sales process.

1. See how you’re progressing toward your goal
2. Get a 360° overview of your sales
3. Visualize your sales progress at a glance
4. Personalize your dashboards to reflect your needs
Boost your sales with these 5 dashboards
1. The “forecast” dashboard
2. The “pipeline in numbers” dashboard
3. The “largest upcoming sales” dashboard
4. The “sales activities” dashboard
5. The “YTD comparison” dashboard
As a sales rep, you will often find yourself “out and about” in field.
But, just because you’re away from your desk, it doesn’t mean you cannot access your sales dashboards. You should be able to access them on an app also.

Sales dashboards truly are a great tool to stay in control of all your open sales during a busy workday.

By using these 5 dashboards, or any of the dashboards your CRM system has to offer, you don’t have to spend time on creating forecasts or reporting.

In addition, sales dashboards will help you prioritize your daily tasks, such as which sales to follow up on and what activities to focus on next, so you are in the best possible position to reach your ambitious sales targets.

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