Introduction to Excel

The purpose of the course

Excel is a multi-functional tool that can aid in a number of business functions. It is useful for creating databases of customers and suppliers or can be used for financial reporting. There are introductory, intermediate and advanced course available that will introduce you to a range of effective business uses for Excel.

Benefits for your organisation

Staff will learn how to produce simple, clear and attractive spreadsheets. Staff will also gain confidence and efficiency in their use of Excel and learn shortcuts and timesaving top tips.

Who is this course for?

Anyone who needs to gain a solid foundation in the use of this popular program. The pace of the delivery will suit those with little or no previous knowledge of the program. Delegates must be familiar with Windows and have experience in using a mouse and keyboard.

Topics covered

  • Introduction to the Excel screen
  • Data entry and editing techniques
  • Saving and updating files
  • Enhancing the appearance of spreadsheets with bold, underline and colour
  • Moving, copying and deleting data
  • Entering simple formulas from scratch
  • An introduction to functions (Excel’s library of automated formulas)
  • Setting up pages for printing (margins and layout)
  • Printing and previewing documents
  • Tips and tricks

By the end of this course you will be able to

Navigate the Excel screen with confidence and enter and edit data. You will be able to create a simple spreadsheet and edit it using a variety of quick and effective methods. Enhance the appearance of the spreadsheet appropriately for printing and presentation. Use simple but effective formulas to perform calculations. This will enable you to interpret and analyse a whole range of data professionally and efficiently.


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