How To Reduce Your Heating Costs And Your Carbon Footprint

Q. What is the easiest way to reduce your exorbitant heating costs?

A. Simply use less heating by making your property more energy efficient.

2/3rds of UK properties do not meet current energy efficiency standards and so 2/3rds of occupants are paying much higher heating bills than they need to.

The problem is that leaking heating energy is invisible to the human eye and so you cannot fix it as you don’t know where your hard-earned money is escaping from.

Top Tip  

Get a low-cost thermal efficiency survey undertaken by Dog House Drones and receive a professional BINDT certified report showing you exactly where, why, and how much expensive heating energy your property is wasting unknowingly.

‘If you know where the problem is then you can fix it.’

These thermal efficiency surveys are conducted between October and March, and we are currently offering a further 15% discount to our already low prices for Chamber members. Just get in touch


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