One Day Cyber Assessments – Specifically Designed for Small Businesses.

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One Day Cyber Assessments

Do you know the risks of a cyber attack to your business?

We know that cyber threats are a risk to your business but appreciate that you may need help in understanding the specifics.

Let us introduce you to our 💥 One Day Cyber Assessment 💥specifically designed for micro businesses and small businesses.

Our One Day Cyber Assessment includes;

✅ An interactive workshop with a cyber specialist
✅ We will translate threats into simple language
✅ We will identify what you need to be secure
✅ Professional report specific to your business
✅ Clear action plans
✅ Realistically priced to help you control your costs

We will help you clearly understand how to;

✅ Understand your risks
✅ Improve security
✅ Improve resilience
✅ Protect your business
✅ Become more cyber aware

The delivery of the One Day Cyber Assessments are flexible to suit your business, in house or remote are available, you choose your preferred option.

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