Your business can give back to the community by supporting local charitable wellbeing initiative for Mental Health

International Yoga Day event at Willen Lake North – 21 June

First public yoga & wellbeing event of this scale in Milton Keynes! Taking place in a popular landmark location of Willen Lake North with 16 classes across yoga, mindfulness, meditation and many other activities through the day.

As a regional or local business, you can show up for your social responsibility by sponsoring, advertising, or donating. Take advantage of excellent promotion opportunities, including ad space in a brochure Directory of local ethical businesses which will be distributed at the event in 500 copies.

“We aim to raise awareness about the effects of yoga, meditation, and other activities on Mental Health. We recognise increasing need for support for all who struggle with long-term issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, but also those who are interested in self-development. For someone who has not been well for a while it may be difficult to appreciate the simple things like ability to breathe or enjoy nature. We created opportunity for everyone to taste how it feels to be calm and centred. We strive for participants to continue their practice beyond this event. We have removed barriers to join by offering free tickets on first come, first serve basis, as well as pay-what-you-can tickets for individual classes.”

– Joanna Konefal, funder of Yoga State of Mind and the organiser of International Yoga Day Event

With 16 free classes across yoga, meditation, sound bath, art therapy, energy healing, and more, running through the day from 10 to 7pm there is plenty for the public to choose from.

For information about classes, teachers and for bookings visit Eventbrite

International Yoga Day event is a collaboration of local like-minded teachers and holistic professionals. Private sponsors and media partners have already shown their support, demonstrating the community’s incredible potential to grow.

The interest around the initiative so far has been immense. We have planned press releases with various local media partners, a radio interview with MKFM, a pop up space at Centre:MK, and more. The Poplar Osteopathy Clinic in Bletchley was the first local ethical business who responded to our call for sponsorship. Other wonderful businesses have followed since, and decided to take advantage of excellent promotion opportunities created alongside the event. 

How can your business get involved?

  1. Become a sponsor (from £100)
  2. Place an ad in the brochure to promote your services in local community (from £50) – submissions are accepted by 10th of June
  3. Donate here

*** First person to donate on GoFundMe is invited to bottomless brunch! ****

For more details, contact the event organiser by email  WhatsApp or Linkedin

About the organiser

Joanna Konefal is the founder of Yoga State of Mind, an enterprise with a focus on different yoga and mental health-related initiatives, including weekly Tuesday evening Mindful Yoga classes in Sunrise Yoga Studio, international yoga retreats at UNESCO protected areas, and the annual International Yoga Day event in Milton Keynes. Joanna has MA in International Relations & Diplomacy, has previously funded a branding agency Green Choices Design, and currently works for a charity providing free advice to local residents.