What is Philanthropy to you? MK Community Foundation invites you on their Professional Webinar Programme


Join Milton Keynes Community Foundation and their guests to understand more about Philanthropy – how it can benefit Clients, yourselves and your local community.

This programme will enhance your own understanding of philanthropy as well as giving you new skills and insights into how Philanthropy sits with Clients.

The full programme (which will be delivered online) will involve 5 individual one hour sessions over the next 15 months, all of which will fully qualify for CPD.

This programme is intended to be purely educational, to enhance the skills of our local professionals, and to raise the profile of local organisations such as the MK Community Foundation.

Join us for our first session “What does Philanthropy mean to you?” – a structured debate around philanthropy – the term alone means different things to different people.

This session will involve an external panel of experts to give a wider context (March 23rd 2022 at 16:00)

Simply enrol for the first session to take part in this free programme.

Find out more HERE – https://www.mkcommunityfoundation.co.uk/our-news/events/posts/what-is-philanthropy-to-you/

Book your place HERE- https://www.eventbrite.co.uk/e/mk-community-foundation-professional-webinars-programme-tickets-274080581397