Successful MK Can Launch!


MK Food Bank presents ‘MK CAN’ – a major whole Milton Keynes effort to smash the current world record for the longest line of cans of food on October 16th 2023!

MK Food Bank invited Business leaders, Charities and Communities Groups, plus dignitaries to help launch MK Can on 5th July 2023, with hosts Lia and Darren from MKFM.

Businesses, and local groups can adopt a section of the 10km line, helping the Food Bank support thousands of households in crisis, putting our city on the world map, attracting wide-reaching, positive newsworthy publicity for Milton Keynes.

A major public celebration event will follow, with the public invited to “walk the line” with their ‘Goodie Bags’ to take home your merchandise and enjoy a range of entertainments on the way.

If your Business, community group, charity, school, gym, church, parish council etc, would like to join us, please head to our website and sign up via our entry form:

MK Can | Milton Keynes Food Bank (