“CO2 emissions between 20 and 26g/km and fuel economy between 256.8 and 313.9mpg are among the best in the class.

“Thanks to its powerful battery and superior efficiency, the NX 450h+ provides a substantially higher EV range, as much as twice the range offered by competitors. The new battery’s performance also enables all-electric driving at speeds up to 83mph,” and the hybrid system “delivers best-in-class fuel efficiency and power”. “Being more energy-dense, the battery unit is compact and can be accommodated in the vehicle’s platform without intruding into the cabin or load space. Its location also contributes to the car’s low centre of gravity.

“When the battery is depleted the car switches automatically to efficient HV (hybrid vehicle) mode. The Auto EV/HV mode automatically brings the hybrid engine into play when extra power is needed, then returning to EV operation immediately afterwards. You can also select HV mode to maximise efficient operation, automatically maintaining the battery’s state of charge. Battery charging mode starts the engine to restore the battery charge level, helping ensure more battery power is available when EV driving is required.

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