Queensbury Launches in Beijing


As part of our goal to assist entrepreneurs across the world and to promote the United Kingdom as a place to establish and grow businesses, Queensbury is proud to announce the opening of our office in Beijing.

The Chinese market represents a significant opportunity for us to work with companies, investors, start-ups, and entrepreneurs and assist them in achieving their aims.

Jia Guo, our immigration specialist, will lead the Chinese marketing opportunities, assisted by Marshal Tan who will be the General Manager at the local office.

“Being able to support a new market in China is an important and exciting step for Queensbury, as it complements our service offering in Europe, the Middle East, and India, and gives our clients more opportunity to expand, not only into the United Kingdom but into other countries and possibilities” stated Pav Benning, Partner and Head of Legal.

Marshall Tan, our General Manager, said “It is always the case, that Chinese clients find it difficult to receive quality legal service directly from a UK law firm, due to the time difference and language barrier. I am proud we can offer this service now that Queensbury has officially established its office in China. Our office is based in the CBD core area of Beijing City. And from here, we will serve the whole China area. Our goal is to provide the best and the most professional services to all our clients.”

Our team in Beijing can be contacted on:

Email: China@thequeensburygroup.com