Our Story

Meet the CEO of Wellness Metrics; Sanita Hans

“As a nurse specialising in End-of-Life care, I swiftly came to appreciate the profound value of life. Witnessing the needless suffering of patients afflicted by preventable conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes, strokes, and heart failure deeply troubled me. It pained me to see their lives cut short, prompting a desire to educate and advocate for the fundamental steps to reduce the risk of these health issues, which often rob individuals of their independence. Seeing their poor quality of life, which leads to its early end.

Drawing upon my expertise in critical decision-making as a practicing nurse, I found myself asking a fundamental question: Despite the presence of various well-being initiatives, why was the prevalence of poor health steadily increasing? To find the answer, I embarked on journey of developing Wellness Metrics.

Wellness Metrics emerged as a powerful tool, empowering individuals and organisations to measure, evaluate, and enhance the effectiveness of wellness interventions. Our data-driven insights enable organisations to implement substantial changes. Furthermore, based on the outcomes of these measurements, we provide tailored recommendations to support the unique needs of your workforce.