New Bioguard Touchless Dispenser Introduced


We are so pleased to announce the launch some new Bioguard products. We are now stocking the all-new Touchless Wall Dispenser. This is a high-performance hand sanitising system that is reliable and eliminates cross infection. It can be used for alcohol hand gel or any of the other Bioguard hand sanitising products including the alcohol-free hand and body foam, medical hand scrub, anti bac aqua soap and anti bac lemon fragrance soap.

Key Benefits Include:

Hygienically sealed cartridges

Mess free dispensing

Cost effective

Universal dispenser

Durable and reliable

Easy to use and install

Hygienic (prevents cross contamination)

Minimal environmental impact (fully recyclable cartridges and pumps as well as collapsible cartridges)

This system is of a professional standard ideal for hospitals, research, surgeries, schools, colleges, institutions, offices, factories, warehouses and public amenities. It is also useful for live events and portable sanitation facilities. 

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