Neville Trust Announces 2024 Charity Support

The Neville Trust Group of Companies, which employs over 180 people across Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Hertfordshire, has announced that it will be supporting two charities throughout 2024 – so that it can actively back, at a local and at a national level, essential services and vital issues close to the hearts of its teams.

Autism Bedfordshire and Lighthouse Construction Industry Charity (Lighthouse Charity) will be supported by teams from Neville Trust, Neville Funerals, Neville Special Projects and Neville Joinery, which will look to raise funds as well as awareness of the work both organisations undertake.

Vicky Trumper, Director of the Neville Trust Group of Companies, explains: “As a responsible business and employer, we must acknowledge that our position presents a meaningful opportunity to positively impact the communities we serve—a tradition we have upheld for nearly 150 years. Especially in these challenging times, marked by an ongoing financial crisis, charitable organisations depend on the support of corporate sponsors more than ever.

“Autism Bedfordshire is a wonderful local charity raising vital funds to support autistic individuals, and their families. The support it offers ranges from training, skill courses, and social groups for adults, to local activity groups for children – and is a resource some of our team members have experience of on both a personal and business level.”

Neville Trust has also chosen the Lighthouse Charity as a Charity of the Year 2024, a proactive industry-focused organisation helping to support the emotional, physical and financial wellbeing of those working within construction and other allied industries.

Vicky continued: “Our Neville Special Projects and Neville Joinery teams work within the construction sector and have experienced firsthand the support needed for workers and their families. Whether it be a helpline, case workers, professional counselling, physio, or drugs and alcohol support – the services are extensive and don’t just stop with the individual most in need. We felt the Lighthouse Charity is a much-needed resource for the construction community.”

The Lighthouse Charity saw a 30% increase in demand for its charitable services last year as the challenges faced on a daily basis by the construction community escalated. It has been reported that every working day two UK and Ireland construction workers take their own life, a statistic that shows the increase in sector demand for vital mental health and wellbeing services.

Sarah Bolton, Chief Operating Officer for the Lighthouse Charity said, “We are delighted to have been selected by the Neville Trust Group of Companies as one of the partner charities for 2024. As well as delivering vital fundraising, their commitment to raising awareness of our charitable services and championing workforce wellbeing is essential in helping us to transform lives and make a positive impact on our construction community.”

Autism Bedfordshire is a local charity working to support autistic individuals. The charity focuses on breaking down societal barriers for autistic people to create a safe and comfortable space where everyone can feel accepted and cared for. The charity’s work goes above and beyond to also provide support for the families of autistic individuals, creating respite with trusted professionals.

For more information about the Neville Trust Group of Companies, head to the website today or call 01582 573490.