MK Chamber member receives 2023 G20 World Bank innovation award.

Having been involved with preventative maintenance for over 25-years, Neil and his partner were announced as one of the 5 finalists in the 2023 World Bank Global Infrastructure Hub’s (GIH) innovation award.

This accolade was awarded for the partnership’s development of unique technologies that efficiently and effectively preserve and significantly extend the functional life of the world’s largest man-made commodity, asphalt pavement, in a serviceable and pothole free condition

The benefits of adopting any preventative maintenance strategy are consistent and proven:

75% reduction in maintenance costs.

90% reduction in associated disruption.

95% reduction in associated carbon footprints.

Under the banner of Dog House Drones, Neil has now taken these compelling benefits of preventative maintenance into the property sector with pro-active and certified drone surveys to identify general property condition issues, roof performance issues, thermal efficiency issues, and electrical hot-spot issues in the early stages. This approach allows any detected property irregularities to be remedied pro-actively and before they become major, costly, disruptive, and environmentally damaging events.

Dog House Drones is freely available to help Chamber members understand more about Preventative Property Maintenance and to discuss how this pro-active approach can help members secure the proven benefits that are available in both personal and commercial capacities. Just get in touch if you have any interest; we look forward to hearing from you.



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