Launch of the Healthy Workplace Standards


Employees are a businesses’ best asset and there has never been a more important time to prioritise workplace health and wellbeing.

Promoting a happy, healthy workforce through a positive culture and supportive environment guarantees improved productivity and staff retention, reduced sickness absence, presenteeism and recruitment costs, not to mention the reputational benefits of being a good employer. Did you know that there is a return of between £2 and £34 for every £1 spent on workplace health interventions?

The Public Health Workplace Health Team are proud to announce the launch of the Healthy Workplace Standards; a free best practice framework to help workplaces support the health and wellbeing of their workforce, across Milton Keynes, Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire.

Register for the Standards now and we will support you to achieve the Standards at your own pace and at a level that’s right for you!

The Healthy Workplace Standards are evidence informed have been developed in collaboration with The Office of Health Improvement and Disparities (Public Health England).

For further information about the Healthy Workplace Standards and details of the offer of support to workplaces within Milton Keynes, Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire, please visit our workplace health webpages.

If you would rather speak to a member of the Public Health Workplace Health Team, please e mail us at