Further endorsement for TEAM’s Energy Conscious Consultancy


One of TEAM’s Energy Services newest members, Tom McLeish, is now a registered Energy Conscious Organisation (EnCO) Consultant. He joins the organisation’s Head of Consultancy, Tim Holman, and Senior Consultants, Helder Galrinho and Sam Arje, who is also an EnCO Practitioner, helping organisations change their approach to energy management.

The EnCO initiative, managed by the Energy Services and Technology Association (ESTA) in partnership with the Energy Institute, has been designed to promote energy savings by focusing on changing behaviour. EnCO was set up to establish a robust and best practice approach for minimising energy use through engagement, awareness, skills building, measuring and monitoring, and adapting policies.

In recent months, TEAM’s consultancy has undergone significant growth, to both services and professional talent, setting out to provide meaningful energy management services that support UK organisations in meeting the Government’s 2050 net-zero pledge and how they respond to an ever-changing energy landscape.

Read the full news piece here: https://www.teamenergy.com/news/further-endorsement-for-teams-energy-conscious-consultancy/