Fostering Wellbeing: MHA’s Commitment to Open Conversations and Staff Wellbeing on Time to Talk Day

MHA is pleased to share the participation of its teams in a relaxed coffee morning, marking Time to Talk Day. This commendable initiative, organised by Rethink Mental Illness and Mind, inspired our teams to engage in open conversations, fostering the connections and camaraderie that are essential contributions to the mental health and wellbeing of our workforce. 

In a united effort to promote mental wellness, MHA team members dedicated time to a refreshing walk, engaging in side-by-side conversations which help to make talking about mental health feel less awkward. They reaped the benefits of a healthy break from screens and desks, lively chats, and light exercise with colleagues. 

Time to Talk Day serves as a powerful reminder that the dialogue around mental health does not end with a single event. MHA is committed to encouraging meaningful conversations every day, whether with a colleague, friend, or family member with the aim of creating a lasting positive impact on the mental health landscape. 

“As an organisation, we believe in the power of positive conversation to break down barriers and foster a workplace culture that prioritises mental health and wellbeing,” said Robert Butler, Partner at MHA. “Our participation in Time to Talk Day is just one step in our continuous commitment to challenging norms and dismantling the stigma surrounding mental health. We encourage everyone to take part in this initiative and help to make a difference, one conversation at a time.”

MHA remains dedicated to creating a workplace environment that values open communication, supports mental health initiatives, and empowers employees to prioritise their wellbeing. We look forward to future initiatives and collaborations that contribute to a positive and inclusive workplace culture.