For the Love of grief Podcast


We are delighted to announce our new podcast – For The Love of Grief. We created this podcast to raise awareness and better understanding within the bereaved community, particularly bereaved children and their families.

Odette Mould MBE and Sophia Giblin met through their roles as Charity founders.. Sophia, Harry’s Rainbow Charity Patron and Charity Founder of Clear Sky Children’s CXharity was bereaved of her mother at just 15 years old, whereas Odette was bereaved of her son when he was just 5 years old.

The idea was created through the many conversations they shared together about their grief, and how much they want to create better awareness and understanding within the unique community they are part of . Grieving can be a lonely and isolating experience which is hindered by a lack of support and sharing stories can really help and make a difference.Rather than keeping their conversations to themselves, they decided to share them in the hope of supporting others. And what better way than through a podcast, when people can listen in at any time, and in any place to suit them

For the Love of Grief aims to reach all parts of the community, whether affected by grief themselves or wanting to support others experiencing grief. Odette and Sophia not only share their own journeys, but with their collective decades of experience, discuss the lessons, the resources, the tips and the best advice they can offer others on this unprecedented journey.

Odette said ‘I recently met with my co-host Sophia to talk about how impactful recording this insightful podcast has been for the both of us. We have shared our hearts and souls with each other and soon to be our audience, to educate and support people who are bereaved and the communities around them. My hope is that this podcast will challenge people’s opinions around death and dying – still a taboo subject! Not just raising the awareness of child bereavement but also encouraging open conversation and understanding, particularly for the needs of the bereaved community.’

The podcast launches on Tuesday 5th July.We hope that the podcast provides a platform for people to feel more open to be able to talk and make decisions for a better and more accepting and inclusive future.

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