Employment Law Bills – as easy as ABC?

An award-winning human resources consultancy are helping business owners navigate significant impending employment law changes with a new, handy A-Z guide.


Kettering-based HR Solutions have put together an online reference manual to provide vital information to companies trying to make sense of the forthcoming legal changes which may impact their organisations.


The Employment Bills A-Z for Employers covers all the upcoming Bills from Artificial Intelligence to Fertility Treatment and Sunday Trading to Whistleblowing.


It also gives details about key topics such as the Data Protection and Digital Information Bill and the Worker Protection Bill.


In HR Solutions’ 2023 SME Business Survey, 44% of participants stated they need further support on employment law. Since the survey was conducted, the company’s experts have provided seminars, webinars and supporting materials to assist business owners in understanding the legal aspects of managing a workforce.


Each year, the SME Survey provides a pulse check on the small business landscape. HR Solutions look at how the previous year has impacted businesses and use the results to predict key factors for the year ahead, sharing insight on how to leverage opportunities, and overcome challenges.


The results of the annual survey inform the support and resources that HR Solutions provide for their customers and the wider business community.

HR Solutions CEO Greg Guilford said: “There are several Bills which are likely to impact employers over the coming months. One of which is the Retained EU Law (Revocation and Reform) Bill, which could bring one of the biggest shake ups to UK employment law for a long time.


“Many HR professionals admit they do not fully understand the implications of the EU Reform Bill, despite the implications that changes could have on all businesses throughout the UK, not just SMEs.


“If you require support with updating your company handbook and policies, our expert team can provide ongoing support, or assist with one-off projects, contact us to find out more.”


You can view the A-Z guide at https://www.hrsolutions-uk.com/employment-bills-a-z-for-employers/