EcoTextura was featured in The Guardian and The Times!


In the weeks leading up to the COP26 conference, EcoTextura was approached by contacts of the national press. After reading about our sustainable PPE start-up, our mission to solve the medical waste crisis and our biodegradable products due for release, editors decided that a small feature on our company would be fitting with the eco-friendly focused, ‘Green and Ethical Checklist’.

For many years, the idea behind EcoTextura had existed in our CEO, Radhika Srinivasan’s mind, after a visit to the hospital made her reflect on how wasteful single use PPE really is. Most hospital gowns, masks, gloves, (the list goes on), are thrown away after just one use. After looking around the hospital room and noticing this, Radhika thought to herself, that there had to be a better way.

Years later, after translating this idea into a business, a mission and a resolution to a crisis, it has been incredible to see it acknowledged by the national press. It is time to consider sustainable alternatives to environmentally damaging PPE and we are so pleased that The Guardian and The Times acknowledge this too!

These features have opened the door for EcoTextura to reach a wider audience, and equally, has highlighted to a wider audience that there are alternatives to the harmful practices we are used to. As said in The Times article – “It’s not your fault that tonnes of single-use medical items are piling into land fills and incinerators, releasing toxins and microplastics into the environment – there has been no other choice. But now, EcoTextura are giving you the option you never had.”