Dental Staff Immunisations


Practices must ensure that staff receive the immunisations that are appropriate their role. Everyone who has direct contact with patients, including reception staff, should be up to date with their routine immunisations (Care Quality Commission).

– All new employees should undergo a preemployment health assessment, which should
include a review of immunisation needs.

– Staff considered to be at risk of exposure to pathogens should be offered routine pre-exposure immunisation as appropriate.

– Employers need to be able to demonstrate that an effective employee immunisation programme is in place, and they have an obligation to arrange and pay for this service.

– All staff should be up to date with their routine immunisations, e.g. tetanus, diphtheria, polio and MMR. The MMR vaccine is especially important for those who have contact with patients. Satisfactory evidence of protection would include documentation of having received two doses of MMR or having had positive antibody tests for measles and rubella.

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