Cawleys launch campaign around single-use plastics ban

Leading recycling company Cawleys launched a campaign this week to help Luton based hospitality businesses and food retailers understand the new rules regarding single use plastics.

As of 1 October 2023 businesses must no longer supply, sell or offer certain single use plastic items in England.

The ban includes all single use items, wholly or partially made from plastic such as, plastic cutlery, trays, plates, bowls, and balloon sticks and the use of certain types of polystyrene cups and food containers used to supply ready to eat food.

Businesses that continue to supply banned single use plastics after 1 October could be fined.

However there are some exemptions to the ban – if you are simply supplying these single use items to another business, you can continue to do so. Or if the items are being used as packaging, pre-filled or filled at the point of sale then this is also allowed.

Family run waste management specialists Cawleys will be using a series of social media posts and working directly with affected customers to highlight the changes and help businesses prepare.

Anna Cawley, Strategy and Communications Director, Cawleys said: “In the UK we generate 5 million tonnes of plastic waste each year and we welcome this change to legislation to help prevent plastic pollution.

“We have seen some of our customers already implement alternative packaging, cutlery and containers solutions – which we provide a range of collection and recycling options for, however we recognise the significant impact this will have on retailers, takeaways, food vendors and the hospitality industry and our campaign is designed to help those businesses understand the ban, exemptions and avoid a fine.”

Read more about the change and exemptions here- Single-use plastics ban: plates, bowls, trays, containers, cutlery and balloon sticks – GOV.UK (

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