Autism at Work – The Christmas Edition

Spreading awareness and supporting autism in the workplace this festive season.

In the spirit of the festive season, Café Track in partnership with Issured Ltd are thrilled to announce the launch of “Autism at Work – The Christmas Edition”, an innovative and interactive Christmas card that not only shares the joys of Christmas but also raises awareness of the challenges that autistic individuals face in the workplace during the festive period.

A shocking 22% of autistic adults are currently employed, highlighting the importance of initiatives like this. Your purchase directly contributes towards supporting autistic adults in gaining employment opportunities.


About the product

Autism at Work – The Christmas Edition is not your ordinary Christmas card. It’s a unique and engaging micro learning Christmas card designed for organisations to send out to employees and clients. The primary goal is to spread awareness of the challenges autistic people encounter during the festive season in the workplace. The initiative aims to foster understanding and support for those on the autism spectrum, promoting inclusivity and empathy in the workplace.

By purchasing Autism at Work – The Christmas Edition you will not only share your warm wishes with your employees and corporate contacts, but also contribute to a meaningful cause.

Tom Cliffe Café Track Director said “At Café Track, we are deeply committed to creating opportunities for autistic adults to thrive in with workplace. Autism at Work- The Christmas Edition is not just a Christmas card; it’s a symbol of inclusion and support. We are thrilled to work with Issured Ltd on this initiative, as it aligns perfectly with our mission of empowering autistic individuals to reach their full potential in the workplace.”


How to Purchase

For those interested in spreading some festive cheer and awareness this Christmas, Autism at Work – The Christmas Edition can be purchased from

The licence cost £500 and this allows you to send the interactive card to your contacts/ employees’.

Join us in making a difference this Christmas by sharing some awareness and promoting inclusivity and support for autistic people in the workplace.


About Issured

Issured is a business transformation consultancy and developer of secure IT solutions.

Comprised of experts from some of the most challenging and sensitive environments, we help our clients transform their business, making them more efficient, effective, and future-proof.

With our clients at the heart of everything we do, we provide a distinctly personal service, from initial analysis and planning to developing and implementing new technologies and upskilling your team – we’re not just a supplier, we’re a partnership.

Issured support Café Track in order to provide these highly talented individuals with greater access to employment, so that they can contribute to society the way they deserve.


About Café Track

Based in Northamptonshire, Café Track is a social enterprise that provides work opportunities for autistic people. According to the National Autistic Society, only 16% of people with autism are in full-time employment, not through lack of skills or willingness to work, but because many organisations still lack understanding of autism.

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