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Applications Open for Future Frontiers Fund (FFF) at Cranfield University

The Future Frontiers Fund (FFF) at Cranfield University is enabled by a generous donation from Green Future Investments Ltd (GFIL).

The fund supports the generation of fresh and highly novel ideas, technologies, products and services that address challenges related to tackling climate change, protecting our environment, and delivering a Net Zero future. We are looking to support truly innovative leaps through small grants of approximately £10,000 to test ‘might work’ concepts.

The fund is open to UK-based SMEs, start-ups and spinouts, sole traders, individual entrepreneurs, academics and students with early-stage ideas (TRL 1-3). The award is intended to enable participants to progress their idea towards validation of a ‘proof of concept’, and to enable a go/no go decision for further development. Example areas to explore (not exhaustive) include:

  • Technical viability, including modelling, or component/early prototype development.
  • Market need and potential for end user uptake
  • A viable business model

The grants can be used for consumables, equipment and third-party services, with some allowance for travel and subsistence. In addition, successful applicants will receive support from Cranfield University, including up to four days of a staff mentor to provide technical expertise and to help guide and coach throughout the project, and/or access to appropriate facilities that might enhance their proposed project plan (if required). This package of support will be determined at the kick-off meeting depending on the needs of the project.

Applications are now open, please visit: