An all-encompassing family friendly approach for businesses

Inclusivity, equality and diversity are the focus of a brand-new family friendly policy launched by award-winning people experts HR Solutions.

In light of the recent and forthcoming changes to family-friendly legislation, the HR Consultancy has created an all-encompassing document, presenting every option for family leave in one central place.

The policy simplifies the complex areas of the new laws, including explaining shared parental leave, and also allows everyone to see which benefits might apply to them.

It covers all statutory family friendly minimum entitlements, to enable individuals to be aware of all their potential rights at a glance but can also be customised to reflect any further enhancements a company may wish to make to any scheme.

The policy also includes optional sections on non-statutory leave including miscarriage and fertility treatment.

Wherever possible, the creators have used inclusive language such as parent, employee and parenting employee, and also refers to workers who are pregnant, who have given birth or who are breastfeeding.

The guidelines have recently been updated further to include forthcoming legislation due in 2024 surrounding new neonatal care.

While the policy is gender neutral in terms of scope, HR Solutions have retained the titles of leave used in legislation, such as maternity leave and paternity leave, for clarity.

HR Solutions Knowledge Manager Victoria Templeton said: “We have seen a growing demand from businesses for a policy such as this one, which gives all the information required by anyone starting a family or juggling family life with work. It was hugely important to us to create a document that would provide all the answers for companies in an inclusive way and we have really considered the language and approach we have chosen.

“Taking the time to do this has created a policy that we are all very proud of, and one which we are keen to share in order for more people to understand the needs of their employees and the duty of care businesses are legally required to provide.”

The family friendly policy costs £29.99 and is fully customisable. Visit: