Net Zero Funding for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

Cranfield University is delighted to announce that our Green Future Investments Ltd Future Frontiers Fund (GFIL-FFF) and Technology Accelerator Fund (GFIL-TAF) are open again for applications. Innovators and entrepreneurs can apply to scale up ideas which help address the challenges related to tackling climate change, protecting our environment and delivering a Net Zero future. No match funding is required.


  • The Future Frontiers Fund (FFF) supports the generation of fresh and highly novel ideas, technologies, products and services. We are looking for truly innovative leaps and will provide support through small grants of approximately £10,000 to test ‘might work’ concepts along with technical mentoring support. Eligible applicants include SMEs, start-ups, spinouts, individuals, and students. Applications close November 13th, 5.30PM.
  • The Technology Accelerator Fund (TAF) provides six awards in the region of £50,000 to innovators with technologies currently at TRL 4-5 to access Cranfield expertise to take ideas or technology to prototype and beyond. Eligible applicants include SMEs, start-ups, and spinouts. Applications close November 13th, 5.30PM.


We are holding two live webinars for potential applicants to hear more about the funds and ask questions from the fund directors.

GFIL Technology Accelerator Fund Webinar, 16th October, 14.30-15.00 with Professor Paul Jeffrey

GFIL Future Frontiers Fund Webinar, 17th October, 12.00-12.30 with Professor Jane Rickson

For any queries, please contact