Big-scale Wellbeing event in Willen Lake North (Milton Keynes) puts International Yoga Day on spot!

Latest News from Yoga State of Mind: International Yoga Day event is a success with hundreds attending on the day

Local community enjoyed 16 complementary yoga and wellbeing classes at the outdoor event at Willen Lake North on 21 June

International Yoga Day Event at Willen Lake North

Success of the first big-scale wellbeing event in Milton Keynes with hundreds attending free classes on the day paves a way for future collaborations and initiatives around yoga and mental health

Every 21 June yoga enthusiasts around the word celebrate the ancient practice of mindful movement and breath. International Yoga Day Event organised by Yoga State of Mind in Willen Lake North near the Peace Pagoda brought together over a dozen of local yoga teachers, reiki and meditation practitioners. Hundreds of participants, both local and visitors, took part in 16 complementary classes.

“I’ve always been fascinated by yoga but never had the chance to experience it until now. I can’t express how grateful I am to practice yoga at the event for the first time. It become a much-needed oasis of calm, self-care, and renewal in my busy life, allowing me to reconnect with myself and recharge.” – Chunni Subba, participant

The main aim of this initiative is to raise awareness about the effects of yoga, meditation, and similar activities on Mental Health. There is an increasing need for support for all who struggle with long-term issues such as depression, anxiety, stress, but also those who are interested in self-development. For someone who has not been well for a while it may be difficult to appreciate the simple things like ability to breathe or enjoy nature. 

“A huge thank you to Yoga State of Mind for putting together such a fantastic event offering a variety of sessions that catered to different interests and abilities. Your hard work and dedication truly made International Yoga Day a memorable experience.” – Connie Solomon, collaborator

The event this year was funded via sponsorship, ads in a brochure and donations. We are already on the look out for our main sponsor 2025 as well as collaborators to bring this event back to the community in the years to come. Please reach out to the organiser to discuss your ideas and how you can support the local community through this event.

Digital version of the brochure ‘Directory of local ethical businesses’

About the organiser:

Joanna Konefal, founder of Yoga State of Mind, teaches Hatha Yoga with elements of Mindfulness and Personal Development

Instagram: yoga_state_of_mind_daily

Linkedin: Joanna Konefal

Image credits: Michael Thorn Photography, aerial shots by Photography by Mook, other photos are courtesy of participants