Annual Charity Dinner – Samuel’s Charity

It has been 10 years since Samuel started his charity. The time has flown buy, and Samuel would be 20 this year.
Losing a son isn’t something that can be put into words well, but finding something positive from it, finding meaning in the madness, and helping bring some fun and hope to the kids on the wards is the best way we can honour his memory.
This year we are launching a new project. All Samuel wanted to do was be at home. His time on the wards was so stressful and scary it made his treatment and experience so much worse, causing depression and loneliness.
Our new project will enable kids to be at home and have the support they need, for as long as they need. The family can begin to heal too.
The ‘side effects’ of this is a huge saving of money for the NHS, reduced A&E and ward waiting times so children needing a critical care bed can get one, reduced ambulance waiting times and a huge reduction in unnecessary re-admittance of the children once we have helped them home.
We call this At Home and all this is done with just one full time person. And you.
One great way to support this is to join us for a special evening at the Delta Hotels by Marriott Milton Keynes for Samuel’s Charity Annual Charity Dinner.
Indulge in a delightful evening filled with delicious food, heart-warming conversations, auctions, raffles, live music, dancing, and a chance to make a difference.
Our annual charity dinner is a wonderful opportunity to support a great cause while enjoying an unforgettable night.
Be part of this incredible event and contribute to Samuel’s Charity’s mission of making a positive impact in our community.
Your presence and support will go a long way in helping those in need.
Don’t miss out on this amazing occasion! Book now and join us at Samuel’s Charity Annual Charity Dinner at Delta Hotels by Marriott Milton Keynes.