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Your last chance to get your workforce vaccinated against ‘flu – act now!

As November approaches we become that bit closer to the typical January peak of the ‘flu season. Characterised by a fever, cough, headache, joint pain and more, ‘flu can lead to substantial waves of employee sickness absence and therefore cause a drop in both employee health and morale, and company productivity.

As stated by the World Health Organisation (WHO); annual vaccination is the best way to prevent influenza (‘flu), as immunity from vaccination diminishes over time. Therefore, the simplest way to prevent the loss of many working days to ‘flu and instead improve the health and wellbeing of your staff is to arrange annual workplace ‘flu vaccinations.

At Lincoln Occupational Health, we have been running workplace ‘flu vaccination clinics for years and understand the importance of these fitting in with the needs of your business, running smoothly and most of all, prioritising the care of your employees.

After receiving the vaccine, it takes around 2 weeks for your body to develop the antibodies to protect you against the ‘flu. It is therefore not too late to get a workplace ‘flu clinic arranged for this November to give your employees the best chance of beating the peak of ‘flu season in January.

If your company is based in Milton Keynes, Aylesbury, London or the surrounding areas and would like more information or to book a ‘flu clinic this year, please get in touch now. Email Lydia directly at and we would be delighted to hear from you.