Your App Can Use Mobile Functions


Has your business been considering investing and creating an app for a while? Have you wondered how it would work with your customers’ mobile device? Do you wonder how your app can utilise mobile functions? At The App Booth, we understand how crucial it is to make sure that your app works efficiently, smoothly and with your clients’ device.

Apps can use these mobile functions to improve your customers’ experience:


The camera can be an excellent feature integrated into your app. It can make the user experience interactive and fun. There are many ways a camera can support your business. In health clinics, instant images can help professionals track progress and even determine solutions directly from the patient’s home. In banking, identity, passport images and portraits are used for identification and security. In games, images can play a part in the narrative.

Contact List:

Access to a contact list means that users can add their friends and family, whether they already have the app or they can send them a message to invite them to download the app.


If your business is in a physical location, your customers can easily find your site(s) via GPS. For example, suppose your business is a café or restaurant. In that case, your consumers can view your location on the map to see which site is closest to their current location. Using GPS, your customers could also view directions and plan a route of how to get there. This function makes it extremely easy and efficient for both your business and your customers.

Phone Calls:

Your customers may want to call you for more information; they can quickly and easily contact you directly with a click of a button. This immediate action stops your users from searching the web, where your competitors are competing for their attention (through Google Ads and search engine ranking). Instead, your app users will have no other distractions, which is convenient for them and a great marketing strategy for your business.


Adding a payment system to your app can be a critical part of your strategy. It allows your customers to purchase your business offering swiftly and conveniently. Many people prefer paying with their card or a mobile phone; therefore, your clients can pay straight from your app by having an in-built payment system, making it an effortless experience for all.

Social Channels:

People love sharing their experiences and thoughts. Social media has become an essential part of any business marketing strategy. If your clients can easily share your offering to their social media platforms, their friends and family are more likely to trust your business increase your conversions.

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