Will Your Customers Really Use An App?


Gaining your customers’ trust, making their lives easier and providing excellent service are vital qualities to any business’s customer service strategy. Customer service can truly determine the success of your business. Greater customer satisfaction leads to happier customers and increased revenue, so it’s a win-win.

How can an app improve your customer service?


Apps can allow your customers to purchase your items or book your services straight from their device – this means the days are gone when you would be inundated with phone calls, put customers on hold and leave them in queues. Instead, your clients can scan your offering at their own pace with ease, which is more enjoyable for them and gives you more time to focus on your core business offering and the in-person customers.

Furthermore, it will be easier to keep a record of your sales, stock or bookings. Having all of your information stored electronically will make your business easier to manage, reducing the likelihood of human error, such as bookings, customer information and product details, therefore increasing customer satisfaction and your reliability.


According to Statista, the current number of smartphone users in the world today is 3.8 billion. Although it is dependent on your target audience, it is highly likely your customers will own a smartphone; therefore, they can access all of your features straight from their palm, anytime and anywhere.

Moreover, other accessibility elements include the size of the font/images, the ability to zoom in and further enquiries. For example, if you have a menu or price list, the customer may struggle with their vision; if so, they can adjust and view the text to any size convenient to them, or alternatively have it read aloud via text-to-speech automation. Furthermore, they could click on each offering for further details and information. These features make your business more accessible and inclusive and improve the all-important customer satisfaction.

Up To Date

Your customers can stay up to date with your latest announcements and news, making it significantly easier for them to take advantage of your offering and feel informed by your business. For example, suppose your opening hours are extending, or you’ve got a new product on offer, then updating this in your app and utilising push notifications, your customers will feel like they have exclusive information and recognise that your business wants to interact with its customers.

There are many more ways that an app can improve your business’s customer service and satisfaction. We have listed just a few. There is no doubt that apps support your business and successfully communicate with your clients.

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