Why Your Yoga Studio Deserves Its Own App


As the world opens back up, we’re sure you are absolutely itching to get people back into your studio. Being able to reconnect with people in person once more is a delight, especially with such a mindful, spiritual practice as yoga.

However, just because you can have in-person classes again, doesn’t mean you should immediately ditch all technology from your yoga studio. There are still myriad ways in which your studio can benefit from having its own app, but for today let’s focus on three of the most
important reasons.

1) Ease Of Use For Your Customers

After the stressful couple of years that we have all had, no one wants to add further stress to their relaxation time, especially when they are trying to book a yoga class. With an app, you can put all of your booking systems in one place, so that everyone knows exactly where they need to go in order to schedule some time to unwind.

If you have membership discounts, these can be automatically applied with in-app accounts, people will be able to see how many spots are left in a class so they can make sure they claim their space before it sells out. You can even suggest other classes that will
complement the one your customer is already booking, deepening their practice and ensuring they return back to your studio.

2) In-house Shopping Experience

If your yoga studio has any form of product on offer – be that studio branded mats, clothing, yoga blocks, or anything else – that could be sold online then you could do this through your app. Customers could order ahead and collect their items in the studio before class, or you could even ship out to customers if you felt the need to do so.

Having your merchandising visible whenever customers enter your app, for example, to book a class, will not only solidify your brand but make them all the more tempted to buy from you and support the studio by doing so. It removes the need for pushy in-class selling and is
arguably even more effective.

3) Live-stream Synchronous Classes

While many customers will be eager to get back to the studio and resume face-to-face classes, some may still not feel comfortable doing so, or may have realised that live-streamed classes suit their schedules better. With an app, there’s no need to differentiate between in-person or at home anymore, as you could live stream each class through the app whilst also teaching in person.

This synchronous teaching will be made easier through the app, as the live stream itself and the booking process can all be in one place. Customers won’t need to dig through their cluttered email inboxes for a Zoom link anymore, instead, it will be a streamline experience where the app will automatically create the Zoom link to ensure you provide the best experience to your customers at home and saves you time.

At MyDigitalBooth, we have extensive experience in building and creating apps for Yoga Studios. We can design and build your mobile app to cater to your business and customers’ needs.

If you require a mobile app for your yoga studio contact admin@mydigitalbooth.com, 0190878908, www.mydigitalbooth.com. Mobile App Development at MyDigitalBooth.